Maery S./Sasquatch Rituals

Maery S./Sasquatch Rituals

The fourth production of the 7 Daughters of Eve Thtr. & Perf. Co. is a two-pronged project, consisting of an experimental play with songs entitled THE SECURELY CONFERRED, VOUCHSAFED KEEPSAKES OF MAERY S., and a series of performance rituals called SASQUATCH RITUALS. The two pieces are co-created – two different manifestations of the same project. Both are written and directed by Sibyl Kempson. The play will premiere in Fall 2019 in NYC and the RITUALS will premiere at The Kitchen in April 2018 in NYC.

THE SECURELY CONFERRED, VOUCHSAFED KEEPSAKES OF MAERY S. combines literary and dramatic narrative with eye-witness accounts of Sasquatch encounters from the internet. It spans several time periods and geographies.

Songs by Austin-based composer Graham Reynolds, after Johannes Brahms and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, with lyrics by Kempson, under the musical direction of the legendary Chris Giarmo, who will also perform. Production design by Alexandra Dewez. Eva von Schweinitz will design video.

MAERY S. was originally created by ‘frankensteining’ together the excesses of writing and research from Kempson’s collaborations FONDLY, COLLETTE RICHLAND (with Elevator Repair Service) with that of FROM THE PIG PILE: THE REQUISITE GESTURE(S) OF NARROW APPROACH in Austin, TX (with Mr. Reynolds, Rude Mechs and Salvage Vanguard Theater). It was developed further at the Playwrights Center in Minneapolis for a 2013-14 McKnight National Residency and Commission, in the PlayTime laboratory residency at New Dramatists, and in residence at the Baryshnikov Arts Center.
The SASQUATCH RITUALS lays the groundwork for the theatrical production of MAERY S. – a separate but connected cycle of site-specific, live ritual performance installations that expand on the themes, research, and questions raised in MAERY S. They have been developed at Abrons Arts Center in NYC and at Mt. Tremper Arts in Ulster County, as part of the Watershed Laboratory there. The RITUALS are performed by a rotation of six to eight women with movement choreographed by Linda Mancini and songs by Julie LaMendola.


SASQUATCH RITUALS at Mount Tremper Arts, October 2017. Photo by Mathew Pokoik.

Above: Costume sketches for MAERY S. by Alexandra Dewez.